We Care About the Environment


Tidal Waters Log Lodge follows a responsible eco policy.

It is one of the few lodges in New Zealand that totally generates
its own power and sources its own water.

The seven bedroom log lodge was designed and built by Brent Robinson,
right from sourcing and preparing the logs, to completing the building.

The uniqueness of Tidal Waters Log Lodge is enhanced by its eco care policies, including being powered by solar and wind turbine energy, supported by generator.



The lodge power is generated from a 1500w solar bank, a 900w windmill and a 10 KVA back up generator.

Power made during the day from the sun and wind is stored in the bank of 12 deep cell batteries, for use at night and dull,windless days.


Heating and Cooking

The Lodge relies on gas and the wood fire for its hot water, and gas for the  bar-b-cue, outdoor oven, cooking hobs, oven and one fridge. The other fridges are low energy.



We utilize a recycling system, with bins provided for various glass colours, plastics and cardboard. Food scraps are composted.