Deer and Pig Hunting

Many opportunities are available using Tidal Waters Loglodge as a base. Red and Fallow Deer are commonly found within an hour’s drive from the Lodge.

Small Game Hunting

Including pheasant, peacock, turkey, and goats which run freely on the surrounding areas to the Lodge.

Fallow Deer

The Fallow Roar starts late March and ends late April. The head consists of impressive antlers that can measure up to 70cms in height. A nice coat of deep chestnut colour with white spots in summer changing to dark brown with faded spots in winter. Like to inhabit mixed woodland with dense undergrowth. Introduced into NZ from Europe in the 1850s.

Red Deer

The Red Roar starts in late March and ends late April. A popular trophy head averaging 12 points free range hunting and from 12 to 30 points safari hunting. The Red Deer is medium sized with round antlers of 10 or more tines. The head is long and quite boney in appearance.
The Red Deer was introduced into NZ in the 1850s from Europe.

When is the best time to hunt these Small Game Animals?

All Year